The AGN group in KASI is involved in a series of activities including but not limited to weekly meetings, participation in colloquiums, workshops and conferences or contributions. Latests activities are summarized here

Lunch Journal Club
2019 July 03 Articles discussed/slected
Positive and negative feedback of AGN outflows in NGC 5728 [arXiv link]:1907.00982
Discovery of geometry transition in nearby AGN jets [arXiv link]:1907.01485
A fast radio burst localized to a massive galaxy nature letter
2019 June 26 Articles discussed/selected
Separating Line Emission from Star Formation, Shocks, and AGN Ionisation in NGC 1068 [arXiv link]:1906.07907
A Cool Accretion Disk around the Galactic Centre Black Hole [arXiv link]:1906.08289
The TeV-emitting radio galaxy 3C 264. VLBI kinematics and SED modeling[arXiv link]:1905.06634

Press Releases
2016 February KaVA Observations of a Super Massive Black Hole [Korean articles] [M87 (Korean)] [NAOJ press release (Japanese)]

Upcoming Workshops
2017 Oct 30-Nov 2 Jeju, Korea EATING (East-Asia To Italy Nearly Global) VLBI workshop 2017

Workshops Hosted or Organized by the AGN group

2016 Feb 15-19 Chiang Mai, Thailand NARIT-GUAS-UST Radio Astronomy Winter School
2015 Dec 14-16 Paju, Korea KVN Multi-Frequency Science and Data Analysis Workshop
2015 Nov 2-6 Seoul, Korea Regional SKA Science Workshop
2015 Feb 9-13 Jeju, Korea UST-GUAS Radio Astrosonomy Winter School
2014 Dec 18-19 Daejeon, Korea Multi-frequency VLBI studies of AGN core-shift effect
2014 Oct 30 Daejeon, Korea IJK AGN Mini-Workshop

Meeting and Colloquium Contributions

2016 Feb M. Kino Initiation of KaVA AGN Large Program 10th NARIT-KaVA Joint Science WG Meeting

Group Meetings
2016 Mar 10 All AGN group homepage
2016 Jan 28 C. Saez de Cea Studying radio loud quasars at high redshift
2015 Dec 10 K. Wajima KaVA and VLBA Observations of Radio-Loud Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
2015 Nov 19 J.-C. Algaba Spectral Ageing in the Lobes of Cluster-centre FR-II Radio Galaxies (paper)
2015 Oct 29 All Plan for 2016
2015 Oct 22 X. P. Cheng (SHAO) Preliminary Result of KaVA Observations of the Most Luminous QSO in the Universe
2015 Sep 10 S. C. Kang Rapid Variability of Blazar 3C 279 during Flaring States in 2013-2014 with Joint Fermi-LAT, NuSTAR, Swift, and Ground-Based Multiwavelength Observations (paper)
2015 Aug 13 Y. J. Jeong Identification of HFPs using KVN and KaVA
2015 Aug 13 H. M. Yoo The detection of a new component of 4c39.25
2015 Aug 13 H. W. Ro High frequency VLBI imaging of OVV1633+382
2015 Jul 30 G.-Y. Zhao Measuring the size of Sgr A* using closure quantities (paper)
2015 Jun 18 C. Sengupta Searching for rotation signatures in Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
2015 Jun 4 M. Kino Fossil shell emission in dying radio-loud AGNs
2015 Apr 23 J. Lee Connection between inner jet kinematics and broadband flux variability in the BL Lac object S4 0716+714 (paper)
2015 Mar 19 M. Kim Multiwavelength AGN Survey
2015 Feb 5 I. J. Cho Masses of Nearby Supermassive Black Holes with Very Long baseline interferometry (paper)
2015 Jan 22 All Discussion about upcoming group issues including office deployment etc
2015 Jan 8 B. W. Sohn Evidence of internal rotation and a helical magnetic field in the jet of the quasar NRAO150 (paper)
2014 Nov 27 G.-Y. Zhao VLBA observations of the Galactic Center pulsar (paper)
2014 Nov 13 J.-C. Algaba Studies of the Jet in BL Lacertae. II. Superluminal Alfven Waves (paper)
2014 Oct 30 J. Wagner Some updates on the Event Horizon Telescope project
2014 Oct 2 J. C. Algaba Studies of the jet in BL Lacertae: I. Recollimation shock and moving emission features (paper)
2014 Jul 3 B. W. Sohn Radio jets clearing the way through a galaxy: watching feedback in action
2014 Jun 19 K. Wajima TBD
2014 May 9 M. Kino Magnetic field at the jet base of M87
2014 May 8 S. Kang A change in the optical polarization associated with a gamma-ray flare in the blazar 3C 279
2014 Apr 3 M. Kim High redshift AGNs
2014 Mar 27 C. Sengupta Some aspects of galaxy evolution in low density
2014 Mar 13 M. Rioja Validation of KVN astrometric measurements: comparative studies between KVN and VLBA
2014 Mar 6 R. Dodson Progress towards global simultaneous multi-frequency mm-VLBI with KVN
2014 Feb 6 B. W. Sohn Primary calibrator flux measurement revisited