Welcome to the AGN Research Group homepage of KASI. Ours is an observational research group of Radio, Infrared and X-ray astronomers in the Radio Astronomy Division of KASI. The major research interest of our group is to explore the radio emitting central region of AGNs and to understand their evolution and environmental effects. We are using high resolution VLBI radio telescope arrays, such as KVN (Korean VLBI Network), KaVA (KVN and VERA Array). For our studies on the infrared emission, we have access to large ground-based telescopes like Gemini and Subaru that allow us to investigate the properties of the nulear dust. For our studies in X-ray, we use observatories like CHANDRA to investigate the physics related to the SMBH and relativistic jet and researches on related objects and environments.

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bwsohn(at) or mskim(at)

AGN group, Radio Astronomy Division
Korea Astronomy and Space science Institute (KASI)
Daedeokdae-ro 776, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon 34055, Republic of Korea

Last Updated on 8th June 2021